Ehab Abdul Wahed was born on April 5, 1980, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Egyptian parents, who later moved back to Egypt when he was ten years old to settle and live there.

His artistic talents and love for music developed at the age of 17. He stood for hours everyday in front of his school's music room only to listen to the sound of the instrument he loved; the Spanish guitar.

One day his music teacher noticed his presence and came out of the music room to speak to him. Ehab spoke to him of his passion for this instrument and how he longed to learn how to play it.

His teacher then gave him a guitar and allowed him to keep it for a month on the condition that he test him after this period on his knowledge on the basics of playing the guitar. Should he pass the test, he would keep the guitar. One month later, Ehab proved himself to be a diligent student and passed the test and this was the turning point in his journey to stardom.

From 2002 to 2008 Ehab produced multiple songs for several artists of that time including Jean and Sahar Fadil, Ewan, Salah Ghaly, Amy, and Shadi and Karim Mohsen. Ehab's music career flourished when artist Hossam Habib's Award winning album "Gowa El 2alb" came out in 2008, for which Ehab produced 3 songs.

In 2008, Ehab joined artist Nabeel Lahoud in creating a band which they named "Basata", through which he presented a different genre of music different from the one he produced before. Through this band, Ehab pursued his passion for music and his love for the stage and the spotlight.

In 2012, Basata was hit with the passing of Nabeel Lahoud, who left behind a legacy that Ehab vowed to continue till the ultimate dream is realized and Basata is made into what Nabeel had always wanted it to be.

To this day, Basata Band, with Ehab's leadership, continues to bring together people from all walks of life and all ages with their music and talent.